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Nashville Car Accident Attorney

How I Serve You

Whether you've been involved in an accident or are seeking resolution on behalf of a loved one, tragedies and accidents tend to be the most stressful times in our lives. I strive to reduce my clients' stress by guiding and supporting you through the entire process. I keep you informed of all the important aspects while working diligently to produce favorable results as efficiently as possible.

After experiencing a serious accident, the emotional and physical trauma that victims undergo can seem like almost too much to bear. Once your recovery process is underway, however, the financial burdens associated with the accident will become more apparent.

Accident victims need a professional who is willing to fight for their rights, to guide them through the process of seeking justice from the beginning to a final satisfactory result. 

I am prepared to help you pursue litigation against the individual or organization that is found to be responsible for your accident. I view my job as:

  • being your advocate for justice
  • ensuring my clients’ voices are heard
  • securing maximum financial compensation for the people I represent

I strive to provide personalized attention to every one of my clients. Contact me for a free consultation for your Nashville auto accident or other personal injury case. I am ready to discuss your situation and provide you with some clear next steps!

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Practice Areas

  • autoaccident

    Auto Accidents

    After you report the accident to authorities and record all information for your records, what comes next?

  • wrongful3

    Wrongful Death

    Let me help you determine if you can claim wrongful death due to losing a loved one and what type of damages are recoverable.

  • commercialtruck

    Commercial Truck Accidents

    I'll look into every aspect of an accident involving a commercial vehicle to get you the best possible outcome.

  • dui4

    Injured By Drunk Driver

    It's critical for people who have been hit by a drunk driver to speak with an attorney as soon as possible. 


More About Chad

Chad is an attorney based in Nashville, Tennessee. He focuses his practice on car accidents, commercial vehicle accidents, general personal injury claims, and wrongful death. Chad grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, where his father ran a family-owned funeral home.

Through his early years, he worked at the funeral home and gained an appreciation for helping people after losing a loved one, often the worst time in a person’s life. This appreciation fueled him through law school, and when he began his practice as an attorney, he wanted to focus on an area where he could help those when they need it the most, when they have either lost someone they care for or been injured.

Feel free to contact Chad for a free consultation to learn how Meyers Law, PLLC can be your legal solution.

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